Who are we?

A group of volunteers
We are a non-judgmental, confidential and compassionate team of volunteers made up of both brothers and sisters, of varying ages and ethnicity

What do we do?

Support new Muslims
We are active in supporting and helping those who are new to, or interested in learning more about Islam

Why are we here?

To provide specialised support
We are here because there is a need for a specialised group to assist individuals both before and after they accept Islam. Becoming Muslim can be a big step for most people, and we are here to provide a stable base of support during this time of change and spiritual growth.

Our Story




Alhamdulillah (All praise and thanks to God) since we launched our project 4 years ago we have been able to support a number of new Muslims, as well as born Muslims wanting to learn more about the faith. We are achieving that which we set out to achieve, however there is still a long way to go and it is an continuing journey. Here is a video from the beginning of that journey, and we ask Allah to bless us with the ability to continue supporting those who are new to (and interested in) Islam for many more years to come.


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1511, 2018

Photography Competition – My Masjid

New Muslim Project
My Masjid: Photograph competition and Islamic History Poster exhibition
The New Muslim Project (NMP) is organising a photograph competition and poster exhibition the theme for which is ‘My Masjid’. We want you to […]

2006, 2014

Ramadan Revisited – A Talk by Sheikh Rafat

This time is the time of Ramadan, where we are able to utilise this month to revive our soul, our mind, our body and our heart. The problem with us as humans is that […]

2912, 2013

Newsletter – Issue 4


Alhamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah.
New Muslim Project NZ is pleased to launch the latest Issue of the New Muslim Project NZ Newsletter, Issue Four 2013.


2606, 2013

Repentance: the Islamic way

ISLAM teaches us a lot about forgiveness. Through the Qur’an, we learn about the mercy of Allah (swt) and his desire to forgive sins great and many. Through the teachings of our Prophet (saw) […]

2506, 2013

Newsletter – Issue 3

Alsalam Alaikum Warahmatullah

Alhamdulillah, the latest issue of our newsletter was emailed earlier on Tuesday and if you are on our distribution list then you should have received it.


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