Welcome to the new site!

Please feel free to leave a comment and drop us your contact details so we inshaAllah(GOD willing) can have a confidential database with Reverts all across NZ to start buddy programmes, workshops, lectures, gatherings, camps, what ever it is that YOU want please let us know so we can with the help & guidance of Allah(swt) make this be a success inshaAllah and of benefit!! Ameen.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site!

  1. Ulfah


    Alhamdolillah find the website. I would like to join in :) please contact me for any further Information. And good Luck for the project !


  2. George

    Assalam Aleikum brothers and sisters, congratulations with New Muslim Project! May Allah give you success in this work, which helps new Muslim converts become established in Islam. Could I suggest one thing: it would b greatly appropriate if someone could change the header of this site making it more relevant to Islam and its Message. Thanks again and may Allah bless your work!


    1. Admin New Muslim Project Post author

      Wa Alaikum Salam Brother, thank you for your comment about our presentation. As we speak we have a team working on this and inshallah it will be launched soon.

      Jazak Allah Khayran
      Sister Maryam

  3. Sa'adah Masrukin

    Assalaamu’alaykum. My name is Sa’adah Binti Masrukin. I live in Malaysia but my son and daughter studied in Well’ton. I’ve been to NZ 5-6 times now. My daughter is now working in Ch’church. She’s staying with a revert who happened to state her shahadah whilst holidaying in M’sia. My question: Can I contribute an article to your newsletter (for free) like on a weekly basis? I can send a sample for you to have a look? Looking forward to your reply.
    Sa’adah Masrukin


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