This time is the time of Ramadan, where we are able to utilise this month to revive our soul, our mind, our body and our heart. The problem with us as humans is that we actually forget about reviving the soul, the heart and most of the time the mind as well. We have a focus on the body, and we try to satisfy the body and make it happy. Many of us would go to the gym and take care of their bodies. I’m not saying this is a bad thing don’t get me wrong. It’s not wrong to take care of your body, but if you take care of your body and forget your soul, your heart and your mind, then you are going about things the wrong way.
The soul needs nutrition like the body. The body has been created from dust, and the food we eat is from dust as well. It comes from the same place from which we have been created, and when we die our bodies are going to be turning into dust again. But the soul came from Allah, and it is the secret of Allah. We don’t know that much about it, we have very limited knowledge about the soul, but that soul has been created by Allah and its nutrition is from Him. Its food is heavenly. It’s not an earthly food – it is a heavenly one – and if we ignore that soul, and if we ignore the food of that soul, then we start to suffer in this life. Islam sees this life as a bridge to the hereafter, without being successful in this life, one cannot be successful in the hereafter. I mean success as a whole – a holistic meaning of success. If we are able to take care of those four dimensions (soul, mind, body and heart) in Ramadan, then we will be able to enjoy this month of Ramadan.