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Our vision is to provide support for people reverting to Islam, as well as those who have already reverted. We are also available to assist anyone who is interested in learning more about Islam. 

Our basic goal is to find ways and means to provide help and support for all those who are new to, or are interested in learning more about, Islam. People in a non-Muslim country like New Zealand can be exposed to a wide range of information about Islam, not all is right or authentic. Understanding these various channels of information flow will help set specific mechanisms and objectives to serve those in need of reliable authentic information about Islam

The NMP is working on strengthening its material and resources base to be able to provide a range of services including but not limited to:

  1. Provision of an abundance of authentic information and reliable resources;  
  2. Provide guidance and direction on day-to-day Islamic practice;  
  3. Invitations to social functions within the NMP or the community;  
  4. Organize study circles on requested Islamic topics, and most importantly; 
  5. Provide continuous on?hand support and guidance for reverts or potential Muslims on their journeys. 

Also, with our office in the heart of the city, we hope to provide easy access to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, where all who are interested are invited to learn more about Islam.

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